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May 16, 2008

Asking for what you want

I received the best speaker gift I’ve ever gotten when I presented for the Women’s Jewelry Association last March–elegant personalized stationery. One hitch though. They spelled my name incorrectly: JANE POLLACK. I considered tossing the box away and saying, “Oh, well, that would have been nice.” But, no. I’ve been saying affirmations daily, one of which is: I ask directly for what I need in a clear and loving way.

What I wanted was to have this generous token of gratitude from the Women In The Know committee who organized the event. I wanted to have a reminder of the connection with these powerful women and the day I spoke at their conference. The cream-colored note cards with my name embossed in burgundy could be tangible reminders of that moment in time.

So I emailed the co-chairs and described my thrill at the gift and then my disappointment that I couldn’t use it. I requested that, if possible, I’d like to have the stationery redone.

Today, two months after the talk, UPS dropped off a great surprise. I just opened up a package of gorgeous, thick cream-colored note cards with JANE POLLAK correctly spelled in burgundy letters.

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