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May 28, 2008

Re-connecting with Laura Newman

Laura Newman of Laura Newman PR called to get together with me last week. She’d heard me speak several years ago and wanted to let me know about her new business launch. What came up during our conversation is something that happens all the time with the small business owners I meet and know. We take for granted our hard-earned knowledge and skill level.

I was telling Laura I could use some suggestions for marketing my upcoming Creating Your Own Future retreat at Canyon Ranch in January. I prefer not to constantly bombard my newsletter recipients with promotions. She asked if I had thought about creating a postcard that I could have available at places like restaurants (we were meeting at Bloodroot in Bridgeport), libraries, salons, wellness centers, etc. Also, in what calendar listings might she find my workshops.

To Laura this was ordinary, everyday stuff. To me, these were pearls of wisdom and motivation. We may get into a cross-coaching arrangement. I’ll share my everyday coaching knowledge with her, like offering PR coaching to clients and have them do the footwork– and we’ll challenge each other with the implementation.

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