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Jun 6, 2008

Unscheduled Networking

Every month I put several networking events on the calendar as part of my marketing plan. When I show up around women entrepreneurs 3-4 times per month, inevitably business transpires–a new client, sign-ups for my newsletter and blog, etc. So, I always have scheduled networking plans.

Then there is the unscheduled networking that happens randomly in my travels. Last Saturday I dropped off a package at the UPS store which is next to my favorite shoe store, Hawley Lane, home of the most comfortable shoes on earth (and some even fashion forward). I peeked in the window because the sign said they didn’t open until 10am. It was twenty of. I reflexively tried the door anyway and it opened, so I entered and began browsing. I could hear a staff meeting going on in the adjoining room. I heard, “Is everyone happy with the lunch order, pizza and salad?” I was impressed that the employees wishes were being taken into consideration.

An employee popped over to assist me which got the attention of the business owner, Sandy Levy, whom I’ve known for years. Sandy waved me into her meeting and introduced me. As we were walking out later she started talking a lot about what she needed to do to market the store–get more testimonials (would I do one, please?), get in touch with doctors (she is certified in foot health), etc. She said, “I need you.” We met for coffee the next day.

Opportunities abound, scheduled and unscheduled. Shopping may be part of your marketing/networking plan!

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