I had pangs of jealousy and envy on Sunday night watching the Tony Awards on tv. Here were these amazingly talented people, who had worked collaboratively for years to produce Broadway shows, beaming on the stage of Radio City Music Hall as they received their trophies. There’s something so alluring about awards show. You don’t see the sweat, the rejection, the disappointments, the failed relationships (it’s looking grim, eh?) behind the beautiful outfits and smiles.

Then, the next day, I got something better than a Tony award. My son Rob was inducted into the New York Bar Association. He had invited my husband and me to attend the ceremony and have dinner together. We came into the city and went to the Supreme Court Appellate Division on Madison and 26th. I’ve never seen a more exquisite room–marble walls, gilded ceilings, hand-painted mural–nor such a distinguished assembly of young men and women who had achieved so much. I can’t even begin to describe the joy of this moment which underscored all that my son has achieved.

I remind myself through daily affirmations that I have everything I need and want. I also forget daily and have my head turned by the gilt and glamour of the shiny and new. The lesson is always to stay with myself and not to compare. By my own terms, I have exactly what I want in life, and that’s where true success lies.

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