I’m often asked what kinds of tasks I delegate to my Virtual Assistant (VA), Valerie. Clients and colleagues want to know exactly how a VA might save them time and money. I’ve long been an advocate of delegating any task that I can pay someone else to do while I spend my time doing the work that only I can do. So,  here are a few of the items I recently took off of my desk and put onto Valerie’s:

~Send out email reminders to my current Mastermind Group participants letting them know what goals they need to be accountable for in our upcoming sessions.

~Handle all registrations and inquiries for upcoming day-long goals workshop

~Create a spreadsheet with contact information for attendees of the workshop

~Continuously pass on information to inquiring members of ASID who’ve seen my CEU (continuing education units) seminar on the ASID home page and want to know how to find out more about my course

~Update flyers for my fall Mastermind Group sessions

and more…

Valerie, who is adept at administrative details, can handle these jobs swiftly and efficiently. I tend to get sidetracked when I’m doing this kind of busy work, so it takes me longer than it should and distracts me from the work that is income-producing. The mantra here is stay productive, not just busy.

Looking for a VA? In addition to word-of-mouth referrals, try assistu.com.

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