Last week during a long car ride, a colleague told me that he had tons of ideas. Something about that phrase–tons of ideas–struck a chord. I hear a lot of people use it. The similarity among those who say that, and why I think it sticks out for me, is that many of them are not very happy. This is not a criticism, but an observation. They have lots of ideas, but they’re not acting on them.

Of course, I then thought about myself. Currently, I have two big ideas, one of which I’m pursuing with all my might. I’m planning a luxury spa retreat for women business owners who want to take charge of their own futures. I’m having a sneak preview event to help publicize it on Thursday, July 17th. I’m completely engaged in the process of developing this idea.

I have another idea waiting in the wings until this one is fleshed out and progressing. Then, I’m quite sure, I’ll dive into the next idea and have another one floating further in the future for when Idea #2 gets seeded.

I don’t have a lot of ideas, but the ones I have take up lots of my time and keep me incredibly happy.

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