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Jul 11, 2008

The Way to Ask a Favor

Scarlett De Bease, my wonderful Image Consultant, asked me to write a testimonial for her LinkedIn profile. I was very happy to oblige. But I knew that it would take me awhile to figure out exactly how to fulfill her request. I had never posted a recommendation on that social network before and assumed there were several steps to making it happen.

I responded to Scarlett’s request saying, go ahead and cut and paste the testimonial I gave you for the website. She gently let me know that it would have to actually come from my profile and wrote out the step-by-step instructions for posting. She saved me considerable time, demonstrated being pro-active and professional.

Scarlett took into consideration that I, too, am a busy professional and figured out a way to achieve her goal and help me at the same time. I was struck by this as it occurred shortly after another request that would have benefited from Scarlett’s forethought.

At a networking event last week someone approached me with kind words about how she’d been watching my career build over the years. She then asked if I would keep her posted on all the future events I would be attending. She was confident that she’d like to go to those too.

I’m not quite ready for Twitter where people post there whereabouts on a regular basis, but will add my networking travels on a regular basis. I requested that she, the requester, check my blog for the information rather than put the responsibility on me to let her know.

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