Lest you think that every day in this entrepreneur’s life is bliss-filled and stress free, let me set the record straight. In the dog days of summer I have days that would drive many to drink, shop, abandon ship or nap.

My phone stops ringing. A big prospect I’m pitching is not returning calls or emails, even though her outbound voice message changes daily. I know she’s checking. Responses to my marketing blasts are falling on deaf ears. Places in my upcoming groups are languishing. The long-promised checks I’m waiting for haven’t come.

I begin making up stories. No one wants my services. I’m annoying this prospect. The company that owes me money has run out and I’ll never get paid. I’m not that good.

Any of this sound familiar? What I do know is that negativity is born out of isolation. I’ve been in my office a lot looking out at the beautiful sunny days. There are no networking events to attend where I can compare notes with other entrepreneurs. My affirmations partner is away. I make up that my accountability buddy is too busy to hear all this.

What I do to counter this–I go for a walk and get into nature. I pick up the phone anyway. I leave my office for a few hours. I read a book. I let someone else know what’s going on in my brain.

It passes.

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