I posted Monday’s entry (8/25) from the San Diego airport while waiting for my return flight to JFK. The draft, written a week or two earlier, was ready to go. Until I left for my Golden Door retreat, it accurately reflected my mid-August doldrums.

It was amusing to re-read it after my week as a goddess. I couldn’t remember a single day in my life that had ever been less than perfect. That was my sentiment after seven days of massages, facials, breakfast in my room with my favorite newspaper, poolside lunches and more one-on-one attention than I have ever received–including in my infancy!

In addition to all that pampering, beauty and fun I also gave myself the gift of completely disconnecting. My outbound voice message and an out-of-office response both announced that I was unreachable. I touched base with my husband only once and called my brother to wish him a happy birthday on the 20th. That was it.

The payoff is that today I feel as though I’ve been away for a hundred years. I’m completely refreshed and re-invigorated. I feel grounded and happy. Best of all, opportunities manifested while I was away.

Some pots need to go unstirred for successful outcomes.

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