I spent 30 years creating intricate artwork and successfully marketing and selling it. My attention to detail was pretty intense, but I was humbled by what I witnessed during my recent stay at the Golden Door. I found their devotion to the customer’s experience unparalleled.

A few of the outstanding touches:

1. Upon arrival each guest is quickly and digitally photographed. Those images are posted in an inner sanctum where they are seen by the staff. From that moment forward, everyone from the masseuse to the bathhouse attendant addresses you by name. “Jane, would you care for a warm robe from the sauna?”

2. Participants on the early morning meditation hike are provided with a backpack containing their breakfast to be eaten at the mountain summit. An attentive kitchen staff member called me aside after dinner the evening before the hike. She’d noticed that dairy was not a part of my profile and wanted to know if soy yogurt would be an adequate substitution.

3. There were broad-brimmed straw hats poolside along with dispenser pumps of sunblock. The aqua fitness instructor asked if anyone needed a visor during the workout.

4. Every night there was a different treat on our pillows reflecting something that had happened that day–a personal note and exercise instructions from my trainer, an autographed copy of the book by the nutrition consultant who spoke at lunch, vials of lavendar and gernanium to soothe and relax us.

These were all in addition to the meticulous care in evidence throughout the week. It’s inspiring to see so much care and awareness exhibited by any business. I don’t want to imitate what they do at the Golden Door. But I’m motivated to take my business and customer care up a notch. Plus, when I do, I’ll be more easily able to afford another trip there.

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