I recently gave a 20-minute sneak preview of my Create Your Own Future program. Wainwright House (a Welcome Home for Mind, Body and Spirit) had an all-day festive indoor/outdoor open house to introduce people to their wide array of offerings. They invited me to share what I teach there.

With such a limited time frame I wanted to be sure that attendees got my message–that you can achieve anything you want if you can identify it in exquisite detail. One participant claimed that she’d tried “this stuff” but it hadn’t worked. I asked her to stay after class. I know it works so wanted to hear what had been missing for her.

Sure enough, when she told me that she wanted more high-end clients (too vague) for her interior design business I recognized a common mistake people make: not being crystal clear on their vision. How many clients did she want? How much would each be valued at? Where did they live? What did she do for them–their entire house, several rooms, etc.? Once we started zeroing in on the details of her vision I could see her getting excited, smiling more and becoming highly energized.

If you’re not nervous about the goals you set for yourself then they’re not really goals. I want your heart beating faster and your imagination fired. That’s the fuel that will drive you to success.

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