I’ve been a fan of Denyse Schmidt’s quilts, artistry and community commitment since I met her many years ago. I was sent by the WBDC (Women’s Business Development Center–then AWED–American Women’s Economic Development Corp.) to serve as a mentor. Within 20 minutes it was clear that Denyse knew exactly what she was doing and could have mentored me. The one recommendation I remember making was that she delegate more. Any influence I’ve had beyond that would have to be considered cheerleading. I think she’s amazing.

So, when my dear friend Linda visited last week bearing the current issue of American Craft magazine with Denyse’s image on the cover I was thrilled.

Denyse has been a full-time quilt designer for well over a decade. She’s an icon for most crafts designers I know–someone who has created a strong brand, maintained high quality relationships and not sold out or diluted her aesthetic for a quick buck. Denyse is the real deal.

I loved that the magazine shows her that way. The left side of the cover is a flap. Here’s the full image. Congratulations, Denyse!

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