I was on the lookout for private yoga classes after my return from Golden Door. Like most of you, I went right to Google and entered YOGA and Norwalk to find lessons nearby. Right near the top of the list was Yogi Brian so I visited his site. Was I impressed!

Here are a few of the things that stood out to me:

He has prospects fill out an online questionnaire that does a superb job of qualifying candidates. He asks the standard medical questions: any health problems? injuries? and then moves onto alcohol and caffeine consumption. How would you describe yourself? What motivates you? What are your strengths?

Think about it. What kind of person would take the time to fill out a relatively lengthy and in-depth form like this? A highly motivated one. Very smart on Yogi Brian’s part to put prospects through a bit of rigor before investing his talents.

He offers a sample session which I accepted. His instructions about showing up for this appointment were equally well thought out and precise. “Come to the side of the building when your cell phone reads 4:00pm. I will be working with another client until I see you arrive.”

When I descended the stairs into his immaculate and inviting space, there was a bronze plaque at the threshold with the inscriptions: Please leave your outdoor shoes here.

All of these first impressions add up to a very positive feeling which was confirmed by an excellent session. I signed up for a series of 10 classes, which I know expires within a specified amount of time because his contract says so. It feels professional and secure to do business with someone who operates at a such a conscious level.

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