It was driven home again to me this week that customers niche our businesses in their minds with a single word or phrase. And we can help control what that word is. Witness the magnificent catalog I just received from Mitchells–a high end retail store where I have occasionally shopped–who are celebrating 50 years in business. They carry Armani, Ralph Lauren, Jimmy Choo and many other elite designers. Their store is elegant, the prices high. Their sales staff is abundant and ever-present. Shopping there is an impressive experience. You know you’re in great hands.

The Mitchell family is known and loved in the community. What one word represents them? Hugs! Hugs? Yes.

Jack Mitchell wrote the book Hug Your Customers a few years ago to rave reviews and sold-out editions. He now lectures world-wide on the subject of customer care. Their stories are legendary.

If you’d asked ME what word I would use to describe Mitchells, I’m sure I would have come up with something different. I love how they are defining themselves for you and me to help their campaign. Makes me think I should sift down to one word too.

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