At the MORE magazine Re-Invention Convention I attended on Monday, I heard Carly Fiorina interivewed by the Wall Street Journal’s Laura Landro. Politics aside, there were some key points she made that had me taking notes.

CF: “If someone can’t explain something to me, they don’t understand it.”

I’ve been smooth-talked many times in my life. I’ve come to the realization, which Carly articulated so clearly here, that if I don’t understand what my client, prospect, friend or relative is saying, the likelihood is that it’s their explanation, not my shortage of intelligence. I can ask for clarification, restatement or more details.

When asked about companies seeking younger and younger workers, Fiorina gave her formula for life experience: perspective, common sense and good judgment. These are only gained through living, so are attributes less likely to show up in Gen X or Y…yet.

Walking into a room of women over-40’s was heartening. The vibe was upbeat, warm and collegial. A lot of life experience was seated in the chairs. I felt really comfortable and in my element. I met 4 women with whom I’ll follow-up. That’s a high number for a networking event.

Survivors, according to Fiorina, are those most adaptive to change–not necessarily the smartest, strongest or most long-suffering. The more responses you have, especially in the current world situation, the better your chances are for surviving and thriving.

My current state of mind is strongly upbeat, determined and flexible. My calendar is full. I know there’s business out there and I am determined to stay active and excited about small business growth.

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