Diane Lohman, owner of Seed, is a member of one of my current Mastermind Groups. Her goal for January is to gross a specific dollar amount, to the penny, per month through her own contributions.

Diane is a jewelry designer and has pieces available in several shops in Connecticut. Her short-term goal, after our first session, was (1) to figure out how much she had in inventory, and (2) to create a list of stores where she would like to sell her product.

I also challenged her to role-play her sales pitch at our second session as though we were prospects.

In addition, Diane noted that she was willing to work at a part-time job 20 hours per week to supplement her business until it becomes fully self-supporting.

Rarely have I seen a more confident woman walk into our Mastermind Conference Room. Diane appeared yesterday with a new bounce to her step and a more commanding presence than I’d previously witnessed. I could hardly wait to hear what had happened in the two weeks since we’d met.

In doing her field work for our sessions, Diane brought her samples to the WAVE Gallery in New Haven. Her sales pitch must have been right on the money, even without rehearsing it in front of our group. Not only did they invite her to sell her work there, but also were so impressed with Diane’s presence that they offered her a job–part-time–in the store.

It’s the perfect environment for her. She’ll be working 2  1/2 days per week in the center of creative hand-made products, can keep her finger on the pulse of her buyer as well as ‘talk up’ her jewelry to customers.

Diane moved into action, took several steps in a positive direction and got results that affirmed her vision and what she wants to create in her life. That’s a miracle!

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