I met several impressive women attending the MORE Magazine Re-Invention Convention last week. I often evaluate the quality of an event not as much by the speakers, but more by who else is in the audience. Last Monday’s event surpassed my expectations.

The women I will follow up with are:

  1. a holistic health counselor
  2. a seat-mate who I convinced should bring women to see her magnificently decorated home in Africa (I put myself first on her list.)
  3. a “mommy blogger” turned blogging phenom
  4. LIsa Johnson who offered a Master Class at the Convention
  5. Darcey Howard, Chief Style Officer of LifeStyled

Darcey was there with a whole group from the Pacific Northwest. She was part of featured speaker Lisa Johnson’s breakout “Living in Your Sweet Spot.” Darcey talked about branding yourself with style.

What I loved about Darcey was the clarity in her message. I really got what she offered: to help her clients integrate their entire appearance as an extension of their brand. She represented herself impeccably with her up-to-the-minute look, marketing materials and talk. When we chatted she handed me an attractive and impressive package including her video, a brochure and card. Totally polished, professional and unique.

People like Darcey inspire me. She reminds me what a great impression you can make and how you can stand out at any event. When you go through the process of figuring out who you are, you know what your message is, and you spend the time and resources to create that for the public to see–it shows. She stood out in my memory from that day in a positive and professional way. Isn’t that the impact we all seek?

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