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Oct 17, 2008

Faith Middleton on Behalf of WBDC

Last night I attended another outstanding WBDC event in Stamford featuring Faith Middleton who has become an ardent supporter of their mission to help women entrepreneurs. Her talk focused on WBDC’s success stories–women who had started and are thriving in business ownership. In addition, Faith added a few observations that underlined WBDC’s role.

The most important question Faith invariably seeks to answer is, “Does it add to the quality of our lives?” The answer for both WBDC and its clients’ contributions is a resounding YES. Faith also mentioned the vast number of jobs provided by women owned businesses, in CT particularly, and their positive economic impact. She said that “statistics are simply people with the tears washed off.” She shared several stories about WBDC clients who had overcome huge odds as illustration.

WBDC classes provide support and education as women learn how to build their businesses. Observed Middleton, “Talking to family members can sometimes be detrimental. WBDC peers encourage you because they’re in the same boat taking similar risks.”

Another highlight of the evening for me was that I had the pleasure of meeting Faith’s spouse before the program began–Fern Berman, owner of Fran Berman Communications, Inc. We were chatting about Faith and her award-winning radio show. Fern meets a lot of people who would love to be a guest on Faith’s show. “We have a firewall between our personal and professional lives.” Fern will never suggest anyone as a guest to Faith as a way of honoring that commitment. I love that!

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