My God Box

I have a Burt’s Bees soap box in my second desk drawer. It’s my God Box. When I find myself angsting over an issue, something seemingly unresolvable, I write the subject (or person’s name) on a slip of paper and insert it into my God Box. I...

A Twitterer-to-Be

I rode in on the train to NYC last Saturday with my good friend and colleague, Nancy Moon. We gabbed the whole way in and covered the gamut of subjects from our lives, families, and health to our finances, businesses and plans for the future. Ultimately we landed on...

What Else is Hard

I got several comments on my recent post about saying “no”. Seems like it struck a chord, particularly among women who are so used to giving, giving, giving. This got me thinking about something else that is difficult for us women to talk about: sharing...


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