A funny thing happens in my business. Every so often a client who left a session totally energized, on fire to reach her goals and thriving in her newfound commitment to her own success, will approach me a week or two later a bit downtrodden.

“My husband thinks that looking at office space in xyz town will change our lives too much.”

“My sister-in-law told me she thought it was too high-stakes for me to invite the press to my art opening.”

“My mentor says I’m paying the graphic designer too much for my new logo.”

Thanks for sharing, Folks.

In my Create Your Own Future workshops and retreats, and with coaching clients as well, I include a proviso: Be careful who you share your dreams with. Often and surprisingly, the very people we think would be the most supportive are the ones who may subtly sabotage the dream. They don’t do it intentionally.

However, when you’re on your path, working towards your vision, the status quo is going to get rocked. Family members and close friends may not want to have that altered. The way they create “Don’t Change!” will look different in each case. But the effect on you, the visionary, can be devastating.

The solution? Share your go-up goals, as Zig Ziglar calls them, only with those on an equally committed path to success–your goal buddies, Mastermind Group colleagues, coach and business allies. The others? When they ask about what you’re working on, just smile and say, “You’ll see…”

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