In the 10 minutes before my Mastermind Group session started a few weeks ago, my clients were chatting among themselves. The conversation was about me and what happens when others ask them about “working with Jane”.

I was all ears.

There was a lot of energy in the room as they compared notes. I heard that at a recent EWN event someone said to my Mastermind Group participant, “I hear she’s really expensive.”

My client: “Yes, but she’s worth it. This is what I’ve done since I began working with her…It’s changed my life.”

EWN Networker: “I hear she really pushes you.”

My client: “She does, and that’s why I’ve gotten to where I want to be.”

“It’s only pushing if you’re resisting.”

Then I got an email from a past workshop attendee and Mastermind Group client, Jamie Cat Callan, who further captured the experience:

I’ve been writing and publishing since 1978. But I was always the “ARTISTE.” I never publicized or thought about the business aspect of things. I didn’t care about making a living. I was all yin energy.

And then your workshop gave me a big dose of yang! Seriously, you made me understand (and the mastermind group of women) that it’s just plain foolish and unproductive to only take care of the art and neglect the business.

So I do believe that in a roundabout way, I’m on Page Six of The New York Post because you gave me that much-needed little boot in the pants!

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