I had the opportunity to speak for WBDC Thursday night, November 13. My daughter Laura joined me and took photos (as seen here). My talk consisted of lessons learned during my 30+ years as an entrepreneur mostly the difficult way, by failing first and doing it differently. I also closely watched those who I deemed more successful than I and imitated their model.

As the audience listened to me they realized that the road to success is not sequential, smooth or pre-paved. Each of us business owners trailblaze our own path. My stories have a lot of humor, humility, judgment (usually wrong, then amended) and aha’s.

The first question asked after my presentation was about the economy and what to do in the current situation. “Forge ahead!” is my mantra these days. “Do whatever it takes.”

The most important thing is to use your gifts. Many colleagues and I have been able to keep our calendars booked and bank accounts steady with clients and orders and also fit in occasional pro bono bookings, like this talk. Others may offer special, limited-time discounts as my energy healer has for any clients who book before Thanksgiving. I recommend offering sample sessions or donating your goods or services to keep you and your business in action mode.

When you’re in the act of creation, whatever is happening in the economy will have less of an impact on you than if you’re only focusing on the fear of what’s next. Do something!

I loved talking to this group. I’m always energized by sharing what I know. See!

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