I got several comments on my recent post about saying “no”. Seems like it struck a chord, particularly among women who are so used to giving, giving, giving.

This got me thinking about something else that is difficult for us women to talk about: sharing what’s great in your life. Men, chime in if this topic resonates for you, too.

When I created an organization called the Artsy Girls (more on that another time), I made bragging a keystone of our events. In addition to introducing herself, each member attending has to share an accomplishment she is proud of. It’s inspirational to everyone there and a way to ground our successes. Otherwise, careers can have a way of leap-frogging from success to success with no sense of joy, simply a feeling of “Next!”

Understand that my tagline for this group is Celebrating and Supporting Nationally Recognized Creative Women, so brags about getting published in magazines, book deals and television appearances are standard fare. However, I know for a fact that a few women bowed out of the group because they didn’t feel worthy. I knew they were, but they simply didn’t see themselves as powerfully as I saw them.

So it is with a touch of self-consciousness, due to the current economic environment, that I tell you that I’m enjoying four days at Canyon Ranch in the Berkshires. I rewarded myself, the business owner, for all the hard work I did these last few months.

I also want to serve as a power of example for self-care. Please! Treat yourselves well, especially now, in whatever way will nourish you.

I feel restored, energized and enthusiastic to get back to my office, my clients and my plans for 2009. What are you doing to take care of and nurture your most important employee?

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