Every day I make choices, some of them more impactful than others. This past weekend I chose to attend two events in NYC rather that go to the Westport Creative Arts Festival. It’s the first time in 30 years that I’ve missed it, but it wasn’t as strong a priority this year.

Other than seeing Nikki Bates again (the goldsmith I visited at the Loft Artists Open House) and supporting a friend from my gym who was on the organizing committee, there wasn’t a compelling enough reason to go. My market has moved away from mostly craft artists to include writers, professional organizers, spiritual leaders, real estate agents, coaches and more. Networking at a crafts fair is lower on my agenda than it once was.

Instead, I chose to attend the Louise Hay You Can Heal Your Life conference at the Javits Center. I did enjoy hearing the 82 year old Hay declare this to be the best decade of her life. She announced that she owes much of her happiness to being wheat and dairy free. I’ve chosen to eliminate those foods from my diet and feel fantastic as well.

To be honest, I left that event at 10:30am after hearing only Louise’s 15-minute introduction and the first speaker’s talk. I realize that my life is in really good shape. I’d had my fill.

I left and went to a conference sponsored by a fellowship I’m in. I immediately felt at home, surrounded by like-minded men and women who are actively seeking and sharing spiritual ways to increase abundance and prosperity in their lives.

We are constantly at choice in our lives. I’ve often heard the wisdom that we are where we are today as a result of all the choices we’ve made up until this point. I agree. I am fully responsible and accountable for exactly where I am. Are you?

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