I rode in on the train to NYC last Saturday with my good friend and colleague, Nancy Moon. We gabbed the whole way in and covered the gamut of subjects from our lives, families, and health to our finances, businesses and plans for the future.

Ultimately we landed on technology. I find that to be true very often these days. There’s so much to share and learn. We got on the subject of Twitter which neither of us knew much about other than we need to know more. With that, Nancy produced from her handbag a 50+ page printout from Twitter’s site. She brought it with her to study it on the train ride home.

This left me with my jaw hanging open. I know this sounds really dumb, but I’ll say it anyway for everyone else out there who, like me, doesn’t fully have the concept of how this stuff works. Nancy had printed out a manual for operating Twitter by downloading everything on their website.

My way? I’d go to one page, see the links, connect, forget where I was or what I still needed to know and give up. I was so impressed and incredulous at simply seeing someone else’s approach. I’m sure I knew that it was all available, but had never seen what it could look like. I’m a new woman!

This morning I printed out multiple pages from several websites that hold interest for me and tucked them into my rip ‘n read folder for later.

Thanks, Nancy!

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