I have a Burt’s Bees soap box in my second desk drawer. It’s my God Box. When I find myself angsting over an issue, something seemingly unresolvable, I write the subject (or person’s name) on a slip of paper and insert it into my God Box. I can’t do anything further with it, so I give it up to Divine Intervention.

Yesterday, my younger daughter was describing some challenges going on at her new job. After she listed a few I asked, “Can I show you something?” I brought her into my office and took out my God Box. “Let’s see what’s in here.” I couldn’t remember the last time I added an entry, so I was as intrigued at the prospect of opening Pandora’s box as she was.

We both ended up laughing as slip after slip said the same thing: Filling my Arts Forum slots (my first Mastermind Group back in 2005), filling Arts Forum II, filling my Spring Mastermind Group, filling my Summer Retreat not to mention the names of various people who had paid too little or too much attention to me. The groups filled or didn’t fill. The relationships grew or ended. It all passed by, and I’m still thriving, which is why we laughed so hard. What I was left with was, “And I thought that was so important!”

What I love about my God Box is that it’s a place to go when my own best thinking dries up.  Somewhere to dump the stuff I can’t do anything about. I’ll market like crazy, pick up the phone, send out “early bird” messages and “last chance” ones and stuff will happen or not. I do believe that what works is what’s meant to be. I do the footwork and let go of the results. So far, it’s been working just fine.

Anything you need to let go of today?

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