Whenever I have a big idea that I want to capture, I use a mind-map to dump out everything I’m thinking. It’s a simple and elegant tool I learned way back when I first discovered goal-setting. For me, it’s a non-linear way to brainstorm, and it works.

As you can see from this actual example, it’s an unencumbered format that allows me to see what’s in my brain, write it down with specific activities associated and then transfer each of those activities to a calendar date and time.

When my goal, back in 1999 was to write a book that would become a platform for my speaking career–Soul Proprietor–my mindmap included topics I would write about, how I would approach agents, publishers and promotion. But the very first activity I undertook, which was also on the mindmap, was to purchase and read Elizabeth Lyon’s book so I’d understand how to write a book proposal.

The mindmap shown here is for a party I’m putting together. I’m inviting all of my clients, one-on-one as well as Mastermind Group participants, to an after-the-holidays gathering as my gift to them in January. It’s a reunion for my past groups as well as an opportunity for everyone to meet remarkably successful women. I’m planning to hold it in the brand new studio of a client who had the vision to exhibit her photography in her own studio. What better proof of how the process works than this! More to follow…

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