p1000048On the earliest audiotapes I listened to back in the 80’s I remember Wayne Dyer describing an airport scene when his flight was canceled. Everyone around him was angry, cursing, bemoaning the trouble this was causing them. He, on the other hand, was on the phone with his travel agent (pre-Expedia/Orbitz self-booking flights days) who immediately got him on another flight to the same destination.

It’s an attitude thing, which is proving to be more and more important than ever. One of my clients,  a photographer who also works in the film business, is currently working on the only film being shot in Connecticut. Another client, Realtor Pam Toner pictured above with me, just sold a house. We all know how unusual that is.

Someone is getting the business and it might as well be you. Keep taking the actions. Keep showing up. Keep delivering your gifts to the world. There are opportunities and clients out there. Why shouldn’t it be you serving them?

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