One of my Mastermind Group clients drives down from Provincetown, MA for our sessions. Who could fault someone with that commitment for arriving without a pen or paper? When I whipped out my ready-for-anything plastic bag to hand her my extra pen the whole group was in awe.


I must give credit to my friend and professional organizer Betsy K who helped me create this. I used to dread changing pocketbooks because of all my stuff. Betsy had me get a clear cosmetics carrier so that I could see everything and never have to be without. All I do is transfer this handy-dandy pouch to whatever matching handbag or tote I’m accessorizing with that day.

The contents?


All the basics you will need: train schedule, tissues, handcream(s), lipstick(s), business cards, breath things, a band-aid or two, and the all-important pen. I also carry around a few pieces of note paper (it didn’t show up on the white background) for jotting down things I need to remember.

The only other things I have in my bag are my wallet, phone/PDA, keys and eyeglasses which are easier to move from bag to bag than all the little pieces contained in my plastic case.

Any other great ideas for always having what you need?


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