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Dec 17, 2008

Artsy Girls Event

artsy-girls-awards1One of the most joyous things I have done in my life/work  is founding the Artsy Girls–an organization that celebrates and supports nationally recognized creative women. The criteria for selection include:

  • national recognition for  creativity  (published books, magazine coverage, museum selection, national awards, etc.)
  • earning a living in the art form (surface design, illustration, crafts, choreography, calligraphy, etc.) and
  • an attitude of collegiality, support, kindness and affection

Monday night we recognized three of our members who were inducted into their own industry’s Halls of Fame. What a thrill to share their successes and honor them. From left to right they are Jinny Avery–the one and only person to be inducted into the Quilters Hall of Fame in 2006, Naiad Einsel (whose work is on display right now at the Westport Public Library) who, with her late husband Walter, was selected by the Society of Illustrators Hall of Fame (in the company of Norman Rockwell and Maurice Sendak to name a couple of other past honorees) and Mary Ellroy who was selected by the New York Museum Toy Hall of Fame for her contribution to the field through her inventions and creations.

Every woman in the Artsy Girls is outstanding and had the opportunity to share a recent success with all of us. That evening as we went around the room–hostess and designer Beverly Ellsley‘s amazing ballroom/dining room– one after another woman revealed gems of success, optimism and joy.

We have all been fortunate enough to find careers and lives that allow full self-expression. The world economy has an impact, but will not dampen our thriving  internal economies. Especially when we get together to celebrate.

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