stack-of-file-foldersI heard this quote (title above) yesterday and had to laugh. It’s not looking good out there, but from the vantage point of this entrepreneur, I’m really glad I work for myself. I will always be employed–as long as I choose to work. My income may rise and fall, but I won’t be jobless. I know that my skills and talents have an audience. My job is to package and market them to keep my larder full.

It’s pretty quiet right now, but it always is the last couple of weeks of December. I’m using this time to go through my files, my financial records, my contacts and my goals.

I love that the phone’s not ringing today  so I can fully delve into planning and creating. I’ll spend this time designing a schedule for myself to download my notes from the great relationships coaching course I attended last week, watch a video mentioned in the bibliography we received and plan time for reading some of the other authors’ work.

I’m happy to be so employed.

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