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Jan 8, 2009

Have a Party!

My clients at 341 Studios loved the suggestion of getting their team together for a celebration at the beginning of the New Year. They invited all of their subcontractors (me, included) for a party at one of those paint-your-own-pottery places.  There was wine, delicious food, sweets, good company and a fun art project to focus on.

We filled two tables, painting unfinished mugs, bowls, platters and vases while we got to know each other. There’s something special about chatting while your hands are busy. Within a short time, new relationships were forged and older ones solidified–which was the intent of the evening. A week or two later, Felicia stopped by my office with my finished mug–a reminder of that wonderful night.

Felicia Rubinstein and Gretchen Bruno, two of 341’s partners, wanted to build their team as well as show appreciation. The party last year was such a success that they are following it up with another hands-on treat. To invite the team this year they designed these aprons and invitations ( I love the creativity displayed in the brilliant, attention-getting header) for a cooking party at Kitchens by Deane in New Canaan. I’d recently had lunch there with my friend and colleague Terry Scarborough, so when Felicia mentioned wanting to have a cooking class, I connected them with this happy result.

I’m having my own appreciation party next week for my past and current clients. I think it’s more important than ever to get people connected and in the company of others who are happy and thriving. It’s where I want to be.

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  1. Andréa

    Congrataulations to 341 Studio! – Do you know that I STILL have their business card from 7 years ago when I worked in Norwalk and was so charmed by their logo that I just HAD to keep it. Obviously their combination it has been a winning formula. All the best!

  2. janepollak

    You can tell Felicia that on Monday night. She’ll be there. I’ll bet she’ll be tickled to hear it.


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