Whatta night!

It started at Kate Eisemann’s very cool new photography studio in a prime retail location in Wilton, CT. Her goal last September, when she came into my Mastermind Group, was to have 20 of her images on display in her own studio by January 2009. She wrote it down and began taking actions to make it happen. She told the uncanny story of how it unfolded in an affordable and magical way.

Women came from far and wide to be there–Hilary came from Chicago, Jill’s supportive boyfriend Don drove her here from the Boston area, Doreen and Lisa arrived from P’town and Karen arrived from Rhode Island. We had photographers, interior designers, wellness professionals, realtors, writers, craftswomen, wardrobe consultants, coaches, financial advisors, professional organizers, entertainers and a modern day priestess.

Every woman in the room introduced herself, the name of her company and spoke briefly about an accomplishment from 2008. By the time the first dozen women had completed, we were all in rapt attention. With only a brief break while the videographer re-loaded his camera, we spent nearly an hour and fifteen minutes listening to each others’ successes. I think everyone would agree it was captivating and inspiring.

There’s more to tell than in this entry, but I will have video footage soon to share. (After trying a few contacts to come and shoot the event without success, I went on craigslist.com and hired a gentleman from Danbury who was happy to have a party on a Monday night.)


I can’t say enough about the experience yesterday evening of being in a room with 80+ remarkable women defining their own uncommon success. But one articulate attendee, journalist and college teacher Joanne Kabak, can:

I happen to have started listening to Stephen King’s book of short stories yesterday. The first one was, as usual, well-written and creepy. But it kept repeating a consistent theme of “perception and expectation.”
I thought it was a perfect match for the evening’s experience. In this downbeat economic time, where the media news is virtually all bad and a sense of hopelessness is invading so much of the thinking about money, jobs, prospects for doing anything that brings in income – never mind doing something that you truly dream of doing — your event was a game-changer in terms of perception and expectation of what is possible, rooted as it was in real stories of people succeeding in the face of today’s realities.CNN should have been covering it!


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