Taking my own advice I’ve decided that rather than offer a Luxury Spa Retreat at Canyon Ranch for women business owners, I’d make a change.

What feels right to me, at this time in our economy, is to offer a similar experience–allowing time to focus on what you really want in your business and your life–but at a more economically sound location:Kripalu, one of my favorite places on earth.

I’ve been going to Kripalu for about 20 years for rest and renewal, for experiential programs, juice fasts, meditation retreats and fun. I credit it with being the home of much of my transformation in my life and work.

Now, I want to invite my participants to join me there. The program will be exactly the same, but the carpeting won’t be as thick. The food is delicious and health-focused, there’s a great sauna and whirlpool, massages and other holistic treatments are available and the price is right. Instead of the $2500 price tag for the Canyon Ranch experience, our early bird offer (sign up by February 15–a great Valentine’s gift to yourself, and it’s deductible) is $995. That’ll include all meals, housing, yoga and dance classes as well as the Create Your Own Future program. Watch for your invitation early next week…

It just feels right.

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