For the past couple of weeks I’ve been talking about parties: my clients’ –341 Studios–cooking party for their subcontractors, my thank you event for my clients and the idea that now is a great time to send out invitations and find something (anything!) to celebrate.

When we’re together in a positive environment and among friends, colleagues and peers, the challenging news of the day ebbs from the foreground. For me, it is an essential ingredient in keeping the faith.

I wanted to share this photo I just received taken at a party I had the joy of attending¬† last November. Lion Brand Yarn, a family-owned business with whom I have the privilege of working, opened its first Studio on 15th Street in New York City. It’s a gorgeous space with a vast array of yarns and inspiration.

It was such a wonderful night as everyone associated with this great company’s success was part of the celebration, including their knitting enthusiast spokeswoman, Vanna White. Sharing the photo with me and Vanna is the CEO of Lion Brand, David Blumenthal. I’m grateful to Gale Blumenthal for this image.

No vowel jokes, I promise.

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