Oftentimes, my favorite client stories are about converts.

Such is the case with Sue O’Halloran who attended one of my Mastermind Group series last spring. Sue has a huge vision for helping women toward preventive health care. This undertaking involves an enormous demographic, could potentially serve women around the world and will involve partnering with hospitals, corporations and possibly governments. Big thinkers like Sue don’t always savor the mundane  elements of these big equations.

But I knew in my heart that in order for Sue to begin selling this concept to hospitals and corporations she’d need to demo a pilot program and watch sample audiences try out her materials. At my party in January she referred to the friendly battle of resistance (hers) and persistence (mine) we went through before she committed to do the workshop.  Click here to view Sue’s willingness to take this step in the process.

I can’t tell you how tickled I was to receive Sue’s beautiful invitation this week to attend her first public “Here’s to Life” Workshop being offered at Noelle: Spa for Beauty and Wellness (my favorite!)–a perfect partner for this program. Check it out and sign up. (Scroll down for Sue’s event.)

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