My husband, a retired English Department Chair, and my kids used to do the ‘happy dance’ (even before it was named that) when the prediction and nature supplied a snowstorm worthy of closing schools. There’s still that jubilant feeling in the air today when Mother Nature takes over and plans get changed. I’ve already canceled two meetings that were going to take place this morning and required me to be somewhere out of my home office.

Fortunately, my afternoon appointments are virtual and therefore secure. One is for a follow-up call after a Dream Peek Experience last month. Within 30 days of our initial conversation, my client will check in with her progress, successes, challenges and evaluation. It’s always an exciting call because everything shifts when you get into action mode.

My other meeting will be via I joked with this new client that I’d have to wash my hair since we’ll be using our video cameras during the call. (If you don’t yet know Skype, check it out! It’s a free service that allows communication with crisper sound than the phone. We used it these past four years to have regular contact with our daughter who was in Japan. It was as though she were right next to me–her voice was that clear.)

Today I’m happy to re-group. I gave myself the weekend to play and enjoy life. I’ll use this newfound time to debrief my systems/relationships coaching notes from last weekend’s course, summarize a client meeting held on the 26th and catch up on my correspondence.

Then, to reward myself, I’ll put on my boots, hat, scarf and gloves and get out for a walk to my PO box a mile away (or go for a manicure–a mile in the other direction).

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