I had the good fortune to meet Sandy through an introduction by Pearl Mattenson with whom I attended most of my core curriculum coaching courses (that’s a mouthful). We connected immediately and soon Sandy began attending one of my Mastermind Groups. Now she’s attracting creative women into her own practice through her process painting workshops and by being who she is.

Her monthly newsletter is always thought-provoking and inspiring. I wanted to share a segment of her March edition because she’s articulated so well what I’m feeling.

After briefly summarizing the Jewish holiday of Purim:

King Achashverosh decrees that the Jewish race be annihilated, seals it in his book as an unchangeable mandate. His wife Queen Esther quietly orchestrates the reversal of the decree. Through prayers and fasting, she unites the Jewish people to stand together with renewed pride and belief as they celebrate with joy the restored hope for their survival.

Sandy goes on to note that the miracles that took place on Purim were hidden.

Even Esther’s name means ‘hidden.’ When something is hidden, we need to look harder to find what’s there.

During this recession, many of us are in despair and don’t see the end in sight. And yet, there are many hidden miracles that are occurring around us. Often, it is in moments of despondency that the most important miracles reveal themselves.

There are always signs around us, and we can miss them if we don’t know what we are looking for.

How many do you know who have lost jobs and are now realizing that they were on autopilot? They may now be figuring out what they really want to be doing with their lives.

Some who have been cutting back on purchases are finding out that they didn’t need most of what they were buying. As a result, we may end up with less waste and more resources on this planet.

Families who have cut back on watching television in order to save money on their electric bills are spending more time bonding, reading and playing games together. We are learning to appreciate what we have and not take things for granted like we might have in the past.

Let’s pay attention to the hidden miracles in our day. Focusing on the possibility that lies right beneath the surface can give us the momentum to get through this dark time.

I see miracles every day in my life and coaching practice. Start looking! They’re hidden everywhere. Let me know what you find.

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