Brad Isaacs and I offered 20 men and women an Invitation to Get Real this past Saturday at the Fairfield Library. We promised to give them an experience and, boy, did we!

I outlined in the opening of the program that we would take them through a process to reality that follows a format I learned many years ago when I began my journey towards self-improvement–letting go of things that kept me from being fully alive: cigarettes, caffeine, sugar, etc. Here’s the formula I learned and have appreciated ever since:

First it gets BETTER, then it gets WORSE, then it gets DIFFERENT, then it gets REAL.

On Saturay:

  • First it got BETTER
  • Then it got WORSE
  • Then it got DIFFERENT
  • Then it got MUCH DIFFERENT
  • Then it got MUCH WORSE
  • Then it got REALLY DIFFERENT
  • Then it got REAL
  • Then it got MUCH BETTER

That is to say, many unpredictable things happened during the workshop that were very real and created a lot of disturbance. Brad and I used all of our leadership skills to steer the event and keep it a safe space for everyone there. Every voice got heard as we worked through what had happened.

Allowing every member who chose to speak that opportunity, profound changes happened for all of us, including Brad and myself. As I said at the outset of yesterday’s session, “What I want in my life is REAL, no masks, no phoniness.” I got to have that in spades on Saturday and know that it helped others develop the appetite for it as well.

(The photo was taken at my Leadership course in California where we did high ropes work–40′ up in the air–which helped prepare us for these kinds of challenges.)

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