Fine Arts Photographer Donna Callighan and I go way back to early EWN (Entrepreneurial Woman’s Network) days in the 90’s when her shingle read “commercial photographer.”  I’m sure she did at least one of my head shots back then and definitely helped my success by shooting images of my eggs and related products. We had a ball in her then new studio in Stamford styling the shots and adjusting the lights for my first big brochure mailing.

Donna hired me as her coach a couple of years ago to help her focus on her passion–fine art photography. She was crystal clear on her goals and needed my skills to keep her accountable and in touch with that passion. She developed a new website and a marketing campaign to promote this aspect of her business.

At my client networking event in January Donna filled the crowd in on her huge coup for 2008–an installation of her art at a major hotel. Watch this 1-minute clip to hear it in her own words. In a recent email to me Donna acknowledged that it took over a year for the whole process, but what enormous success like this doesn’t? I admire Donna so much for staying the course. That’s the hardest part of the journey–the in-between times when it feels like nothing is happening.

There was some synchronicity involved as well. Donna’s large format fine art photographs (above) are hanging in the same complex as

…one of my biggest clients, the one who took me to Paris where I discovered the ‘style’…Can’t wait to see the look on her face! Of all the places for my work to end up…just down the street from her is very, very full circle. Feels right and sits right in my belly in a very fated manner. Confirmation that I am on the right path.

Donna was a dream client. I’m so proud of her!

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