…about my final training for relationship coaching this weekend was a revelation made by the co-leaders near the end of the session. This was our second course led by the same two leaders, David and Sandra. Their compatibility in the front of the room set the tone for both sessions.

It goes without saying that all of the leaders from the Center for Right Relationships handle the material brilliantly.  A unique characteristic of this training involves having two leaders for every course. It’s a powerful learning model. Seeing two personality types talking about the same material offers participants a wider range of possibility than having just one instructor.

David and Sandra’s “dance” in the front of the room was so effortless and joyful that it somehow made the challenging material easier to absorb. There was palpable admiration, affection and respect demonstrated throughout the three days.

Near the end of the weekend David told us something that sealed the deal for me as far as this work goes. Although he and Sandra had known each other through the world of coaching, they had never led a class together. When they got the assignment to co-lead, Sandra requested that they hire a relationship coach to help them design their alliance, which they did.

In the advertising world the question that gets asked is, “Will the dog eat the dog food?” It means, what is the company’s confidence in its own products? Not only did Sandra and David ‘eat the dogfood’ they’re pedigree specimens of what I believe is a world-changing practice.

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