I can think of two clients off the top of my head who are on the verge of major success. In both cases the work is impeccable–one an author, the other an interior designer. Each has done everything humanly possible to get her message out to the public.  They have created or taken advantage of opportunities for local and national press. They have forthrightly promoted within their own spheres. National and local reviewers and critics have been overwhelmingly enthusiastic.

So, where’s the money? Where are the big offers and deals? Great question.

The answer is: They’re coming.

The advice is: Allow it to manifest. Stop watching the pot. Move on to the next right thing and let success happen.

In my own mastermind group, one of our members was going through a similarly frustrating period. She was appealing to a new market segment, hiring administrative staff, writing newsletter content all while serving her clientele daily. Why weren’t her bookings up?

Again, my advice was the same. When you’re great at what you do, your products and services are impeccable and you are doing everything right in terms of reaching out and spreading the word, then it’s time to let go. A few months later that same mastermind group member was recording her best days and weeks ever and bringing in completely different issues for advice.

At some point it’s essential to sit back and rest. God did.

I remember the first time I received that advice. I felt relieved. In my heart I knew I had done everything I needed to do. I just needed someone to remind me of that fact. If that makes you nervous, get out your God box and put in the desired outcome–book sales, a million dollar client, a paying audience. And then let go. You’ve done your part.


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