A frequently asked question among my clients is, “I set a goal to:

  • Earn $10,000 per month
  • Get 5 new clients
  • Start a new business

But I only:

  • Earned $2500 this month
  • Met 30 people, two of whom are prospects
  • Enrolled in the WBDC Fast Track program

“Did I fail?”

Even as I write this I can see you shaking your head along with me. No! Success is a journey. What I do with my clients is get them into the pond they want to swim in. Where would you have been without that committed goal? What turned up as a result of moving towards your desired income? How are you feeling, energetically, on this path?

I’ll never forget hearing Mark Victor Hansen at a National Speakers Association talk back in 1997, way before Chicken Soup for the Soul was a household name. He told us that he and Jack Canfield set a goal to sell one million books. But that year they only sold 800,000. Was that a failure? Same concept, bigger numbers.

Anything you do on behalf of your goal is a success. You can see that Hansen was clearly on target for achieving his goal. Sometimes all you need to do is push the end date out a little further. Like the parent having a young child swim towards him/her. “Come on,” she says stepping back a foot. “Just a little further.”

The better question is, are you in the water and moving forward?

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