My first offering of Transformation through Transition ended Monday with successes and hugs. Six women began the process a month ago by sharing where they were in their lives/businesses with almost-strangers. Two women who already knew each other had the seed of an idea to work together. Others were looking for direction, wanting to slow down or speed up and/or gain clarity on what was next.

They established support systems, set goals and took major actions like setting up appointments to look at property overseas and setting dates for workshops.

Accountability works! By the second session the energy level in our conference room could have lifted the entire building. I wanted to share the some of the final thoughts that were expressed in appreciation to the group and the process:

  • “It was doing, not stewing.”
  • “This process helps me to remember that it’s up to me.”
  • “I felt nurtured. Your ideas matter. Moving forward is better. It makes me happy to be on this earth.”
  • “I needed to hear it was okay to not be doing; to stop doing and just be.”

I’ve just listed a new set of dates for late spring, early summer transitioners. If there’s something you want to get a leg up on, join one of our sessions and don’t stew. Stir the pot instead.

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