My workhorse road-use-only laptop Averatec computer lost its ability to get an Internet connection a couple of weeks ago. I dialed the 24/7 800 number for assistance and got a “no longer in service” message and no forwarding number to call. has disappeared from cyberspace, so I am on my own here.

My brother and two of my children, not to mention an ardent group of friends and colleauges have been swearing by their MacBooks forever (over a year). Not only are they gorgeous to look at (the Apple computers, that is) but have battery life I’ve been yearning for since my earliest Dell laptops konked out after 45 minutes playing a movie rental during a flight.

So today, my daughter Laura, my husband Buddy and I will trek to the Apple Store at the Stamford Town Center to pick out a MacBook (not Pro) for me. Our second computer ever, after the dos-based IBM hunker died, was a Mac, and I loved it. Now that they interface with PC’s so elegantly I’m able to make the switch.

If you notice a big improvement in my graphics or increasing use of audio-visual components, you’ll know the genesis. I’m going to sign up for their weekly training program and up my tech-savvyness.

How are you spending your Memorial Day? (Not reading blogs, most likely!)

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