I have to admit to experiencing a tad of schadenfreude (satisfaction over someone else’s misfortune) when I read in this morning’s Times that “Microsoft invested billions of dollars in those services and failed to slow Google’s rise.” Those services refers to their Live Search website formerly MSN Search.  Neither came close to challenging Google.

Makes me feel a lot less incapable that some of my efforts have failed too–the coaching groups that didn’t fill or my mastermind madness offering that attracted just one taker. I’m grateful that I didn’t lose millions in the process. Like IBM, though, I see what doesn’t work and change directions.

My recent offering for a networking evening for Remarkable Women has sold out. I keep testing the waters and repeat and expand the successes. Everything I do stems from my deep desire to help women, particularly entrepreneurial women. It feels great when I hit the bullseye, but I’ve had to shoot a lot of arrows at the target to figure out exactly where to aim.

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