Wherever I go, there I am.

Taking the Charms of Charleston tour I was all ears to hear about this beautiful southern city. We’re down here for the wedding of our friends’ daughter. While my husband played golf with the bride’s father on Friday, I took the morning to scout the town as a tourist.

My guide, Bubba (really!), spoke non-stop about the uniqueness of his hometown. What I noticed most of all was that so many of the facts he told us about Charleston were preceded by the phrase, “Charleston is unique because…” or “The first ___ happened here in Charleston.” “We’re the only city that…” and “Charleston is most famous for …” Not only did he exude pride about his place of birth, but he also got my undivided attention. The facts were compelling and gave the tour a richness and meaning that made me want to share it with others.

  • Do you know what it meant if the door to your South Carolina ‘single’ was left open? 
  • Do you know the difference between a graveyard and a cemetery? 
  • Do you know why each house on the East Battery is angled to the road?

This got me thinking about the amazing number of USP’s Charleston has. A USP is a Unique Selling Proposition–a term I learned in my early days as a business owner: what make you/your company different? What compelling fact will have your prospects flocking to you? What will cause your customers to not only buy your products/services but also tell your story to their friends and colleagues?

The main USP’s I used to hear repeated about me were that my eggs were selected by the White House and that I was on the Today Show. They’re different today (please share what you’ve heard makes me different/unique).

What are yours? Use them often when describing what you do. If you can do from a horse-drawn carriage, all the better!

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