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Jun 8, 2009

Meredith Gray – NAKED

When Meredith signed up for my Transformations through Transitions group this spring her goal was to bring her breast cancer story to the public’s attention.

She talked about creating an advisory board–more like a support posse–which stimulated Meredith’s drive to get help and share the journey. But the bigger challenge, the one she really wanted to be held accountable for, was to create a trailer for the documentary she’s having filmed throughout her experience.

Since I teach people how to set realistic goals, Meredith knew she was stretching the limits considering that she was  still showing up at commercial photography shoots  to do her styling work, plus continuing with her chemo treatments which are a job in themselves. Was it really realistic to also edit down the hours and hours of video footage to create this marketing tool?

Meredith walked into our session last Thursday on fire. She had the trailer completed! She showed it to our group. Watch it! It’s amazing! Not only that, Meredith has speaking engagements lined up, too, and networking events where she can meet others interested in publicizing this disease.

In addition, Meredith is putting out requests for others help and support. I offered to assist her in that endeavor. Here’s what you can do:

  • Meredith will be speaking at a Relay for Life in Westport, CT on Friday, June 26.
  • Watch the trailer. Click any of the highlighted trailer links in this post.
  • Pass the trailer onto any and all interested parties.
  • Send your healing prayers and thoughts to Meredith on June 18 when she will be undergoing her final chemo treatment. For three days after she experiences such toxicity in her body that she is only able to lie in the fetal position, closely watched by her favorite animals, and allows time to pass.

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  1. Terry Scarborough

    Thanks for sharing Meredith’s story, Jane. What a remarkable woman. Meredith: your trailer is powerful, and I share my tears and thoughts for you and all the woman going through this now, in the past and in the future. My friend Joan…my friend Shanya…my friend Davi…my friend Ellen…my sister-in-law Cheryl…my sister-in-law Mary…the list goes on. We must all keep fighting this disease.

    We’ll be with you in spirit on June 18 and in the days that follow. I hope to meet you one day! Thanks for your inspiration. Be well.


  2. kare Anderson

    Jane & Meredith,
    Her trailer is compelling & practical as is her bravery for many of us women in the various circles around the center of breast cancer. As someone who had a lump 2 weeks ago, had the mammogram + sonno and am apparently clear I know, first-hand what that first feelings are like. My mother had just finished radiation treatments at 82 and is in remission.

    I live in a well-to-do county over here on the left coast (Marin) with one of the highest incidences of breast cancer. I know, first-hand women who had problems with their insurance firms…

    so YES I will go out of my way tomorrow to share this link and thank Jane for tell me about it

  3. janepollak

    @Meredith and Terry
    The more awareness the better off we all are. Thank you for helping to spread Meredith’s message on behalf of your friends, family members and women globally.

  4. Denise

    This trailer is immensely powerful. You are a remarkable and courageous woman. Thank you for sharing your story with us. I am compelled to share it with my sisters, friends, loved ones & beyond. Please know that my prayers are with you throughout this journey. May you experience healing, know wholeness, see light, feel the love at all times. Amen

  5. janepollak

    Please do share this. The more people who know about it, the better off everyone will be who has to face this journey.

  6. msantiques

    Thanks for sharing this. Forwarded to my sister who has been struggling with cancer the past several years. Hope it helps keep her on a path of courage as she adds that to her plate of simply dealing with life.

  7. janepollak

    Me, too.


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