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Jun 24, 2009

Oprah’s in My Jewelry Box

vision board 1


I’ve been staring at two vision boards that hang on the inside of my closet door daily for several years now. The very first one I ever created, before these two, came to fruition within a short time. I made it by cutting and pasting images of the places, people and things I wanted in my life. I visited Japan, renovated our master bath, created a forum for high-level artistic women, entertained good friends and emulated Julie Morgenstern.

These two newer boards are taking longer to manifest. I’ve been gazing at yoginis in impossible postures, lap pools and exotic locales. And Oprah. I realized just how long I’d had these boards in my closet when Oprah’s picture fell off. The glue which had been holding her attached to my vision had dried up. I lovingly placed her image in my jewelry box so I could continue to envision having her in my life. I’m still not sure what I’m looking for–hence the vision board–I just know it includes Oprah in some form.vision board 2   

The reason I’m writing about this is that I believe it’s important to know what you want and to place your ad with the Universe. Clients recently have told me what they don’t want: aggravating clients, too little income, work that bores them. Among other recommendations I always suggest a vision statement or board so that they will become crystal clear and focus on what they do want.oprah in my jewelry box

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  1. susan kintner

    Being healthy mentally and physically, completing my MSW and working in a clinical setting with positive energy, counseling clients through a private practice with kindred therapists-clients and therapists interested in growing personally and professionally, living near friends and families, visiting with Lilly those in hospitals/nursing homes etc to bring them, having enough time and money and health to spend time with friends and families doing activities such as kayaking, walking, going to movies, etc that we all enjoy

  2. Ajewelry

    I am also the big fan of Oprah, but i read somewhere that you must take the inspiration from a successful person, try to follow his/her habits that lead him/her to success but always make your own identity and do something new. Nice Post !!!

  3. feliz

    I understand you , she is a role model for all of us .


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