blowing out candles

Blowing out candles at last year's party.

Most of you are taking today as a vacation day, so I’ll be brief.

I spent the past three days in NYC assisting at a coaches training course. It was an extraordinary experience being in a room with 18 very powerful coaches-in-training, two inspiring co-assistants and two master coach leaders, Nina McGuffin and Sam House.

Because I was so thoroughly engaged during that time, I’ve given myself today to play catch-up and rest. Also, since tomorrow’s my birthday AND Independence Day, I’m enjoying the quiet of no phones ringing and a chance to respond to 200+ emails waiting in my inbox.

I’ve got an awesome day planned tomorrow. I learned many years ago that if I wanted to have a special and memorable birthday, I would need to let people know it was an important day for me.

A dear friend has opened her home to members of our fellowship for a breakfast celebration. One of the great things about being born on a holiday is that everyone has the day off. If you get them early enough in the day (7:30-10am) , they haven’t left for the beach or backyard picnic yet.

My daughter and son-in-law got us all tickets to see God of Carnage, the Tony Award winner for Best Play in 2009 for tomorrow night. We’ll meet for dinner before the show, stay in Manhattan overnight, walk the High Line in the morning, then see Waiting for Godot at a Sunday matinee. It doesn’t get any better than this in my book.

I am blessed and very happy to be celebrating another year.

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